Purpose Road

Let me start by saying (repeat after me readers) ‘I HAVE A PURPOSE’ great. So we all know we have a purpose right? Well I hope we all do. The problem with purpose is that we don’t always know what it is. Well most of us, some of us have already achieved our purpose. The others, including me, we’re still trying to figure it out. For every new experience we ask ourselves is this my purpose? Well readers guess what every experience, wether bad or good takes us closer to our purpose. However, sometimes we forget our purpose when something or someone gets in the way. Our occupation for one. Remember when we wanted to help people, change the world, make a difference. I remember wanting to be a nurse, then a social worker even a lawyer. Yes, yes at age 18 I wanted to be a lawyer and I promised myself I will be the most honest lawyer ever. After taking my first law class in college I realised that being a lawyer will delay me from getting to my purpose. So I left it behind. Yes readers you have to be prepared to leave some things even people behind you because it/they are not aligned with your purpose. I got back to my “purpose road” and boy what a long road it is. Now 10 years later, couple degrees in hand and I still don’t think I’ve achieved my purpose. But I’m ok with that. It means I still have a lot to prove to get to my purpose. Remember Joseph, not the cute guy on tinder that calls himself Joe, I’m talking about the Holy bible Joseph, straight out of Genesis Joseph, favorite son Joseph. Remember now? Good. (Little bible lesson here) Genesis 39. Joseph moved down to Egypt and was working for Potiphar. Potiphar’s wife came onto Joseph then cried wolf. I mean rape. Joseph went to jail, where he met the King’s butler and baker. Not the candle stick maker though. To end this, through all Joseph’s struggles, and hardships, he never forgot his purpose and was obedient to God and himself on his purpose road. And reader you will too. Just hold on and be true to yourself always. Your purpose road comes with many turns some even have a cliff, just know few right turns will put you back on track and in case you fall off the cliff, you can always climb back up.

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yet to be named

its been written in the constitution

they call it the book of freedom,

we see the prostitution

but that’s just another idiom.


Is United in my vernacular,

so different from yours

the United State, its a misnomer

no wonder it’s so popular.


They say “In God We Trust”

yet, they insult the most high

shooting his children in the bust

and defending the supremacist.


But the angels take a knee

for their protest, they pay a fee

the families give a loud plea

and the wigs, well they jus’ mean.


America the this, America the that

it made the most invisible color

the most dominant, somewhat.

What do we get for our labor?